Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Project 4S

Small & Simple Solar Stuff: The prototype

1. Two solar cells purchased from Lelong.com.my (RM 8 each, one cell was cut into 3 pieces and connected in series. A maximum power of 1.5 Voltage and 3-4 amp will be generated depend on weather)
2. Soldering kit
3. Wire (FOC, from old VCD player)
4. Magnetic motor from Tamiya mini 4WD (16-18 years old toy and still function!)
5. Connectors (RM 2, from local hardware shop)
6. Switch (RM 2, from local hardware shop)
7. Paper box and cellophane tape

Test the power of solar cell: one cell was connected to the motor, the motor was rotating!

Second test: Connect the solar cells in series to generate more power, one cell was connected to 1/3 cell (1.0 V?)

3V DIY solar panel with motor and paper blade 

Switch on! Spinning solar fan!

2 motors were connected in parallel circuit 

 Twin Solar Fan!

Cool right? Have fun!


ah_guang said...

rusty motor, can throw dy..
gimme, i'll throw it for u!!

Gou Rean said...

its rusty but still perform better than ur plastic motor...haha


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