Tuesday, March 11, 2014

How to remove scratches on watch surface?

How to remove scratches on watch surface? This is a simple polishing method i learn from internet.

What you need are ONLY 2 things :
1)  toothpaste (any brand)
2)  cotton stick

Step 1: Your watch with scratch

Step 2: Wet your watch with some water and apply the toothpaste

Step 3: Polish your watch surface gently in circular motion until the scratch is gone

Step 4: Wash your watch with clean water

Step 5: Done

This method worked like magic to my watch. But the surface material of my Casio SGW400HD is resin glass, i am not sure whether this method works on other materials as well. Anyway, just give it a try.

WARNING: Please be caution if your watch is not water resistant

Cheers :)

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